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The Lies and Crimes of Albus Dumbledore Pt 1

By request here is my examination of Albus Dumbledore and some of his actions and possible motivations thereof.

This essay is quite long so I have broken it up into multiple parts so please bear with me. Also, these are just my interpretations of events as portrayed in the books. They are just my opinions, I respect the fact that many absolutely adore Dumbledore. Also, I only classify the seven books as canon, nothing else. Now to the point of this whole thing.

The Lies and Crimes of Albus Dumbledore

In any crime you have to eliminate the distractions and distill things down to the unholy trinity; motive, means, and opportunity. In addition to these questions are who, what, where, when and why. Herein lie the details of the crime, oftentimes the two important questions that will lead to the person responsible for the crime are, who had the most to gain from the crime? Who had the most to lose if the crime had not been committed? Answer these questions and you will likely have found the guilty party.

There were many, many crimes committed in the Harry Potter story. Many of them by the so called “dark side.” But surprisingly a great many by the light side, and nearly all of them were committed by, or at the behest of one man, the recognized leader of the light Albus Dumbledore. In this essay I examine many of the events in canon with an eye toward spotting inconsistencies and illogical behavior.

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Hogwarts: The Castle

Hogwarts castle was not built by the founders, nor was it originally built to house a school. Castle building technology did not arrive in Britain until after the Norman Conquest in 1066. The founders most likely set up their “school” in a large town called Hogwarts, which had already existed in one form or another for millennia.

Hogwarts castle must have been built long after the founding for the defence of the town called Hogwarts and continued to be used for military and political purposes for many centuries afterward before it came to house the modern Hogwarts School.

I explain:

  • When Hogwarts was built

  • How it lead to the founding of Hogsmeade

  • What purpose the castle was used for before it became a school

  • Why it contains something as powerful as the Room of Requirement


Medieval in More Ways than One

We have seen that the demographics of the wizarding world resembles pre-industrial Britain between the late middle ages and the early modern period. I have discussed the burden of infectious diseases on wizarding society but traditionally disease is not the only problem facing pre-industrial societies.

Where death stalks the land, it does so in the twin forms of war and plague.

  • Why we cannot assume that the Ministry is similar to a Muggle Government

  • Why wizarding society is inherently unstable

  • Why injustice is so widespread in wizarding society


The Missing Babies


  • Infant mortality in the wizarding world and why there is so little evidence for it

  • How wizarding society functions

  • Why having a large family is beneficial

  • Why wizards/witches may have a very different attitude to family planning

In previous essays, I have explored how infectious disease can create high death rates in wizarding society. This does not just effect the population structure, it has huge consequences on how society functions and how the wizarding world approaches family planning.

Draco Malfoy is probably not a single child by choice...


War and Plague (continued from Demographics of the Wizarding World)

If, as Rowling says, there are only 3000 wizards in the Britain, why is magic so incredibly rare?

In this series of essays I will explore the demographics of the wizarding world, magical diseases and medicine, war, uprisings, and the genetics of magical inheritance.

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Demographics of the Wizarding World

Witches/wizards are very rare when you think in terms of the world as whole. JK Rowling has stated that there are “about 3000” witches/wizards in the UK and there are around 72 million people in the UK. That means magic has a prevalence of 0.0042 in 100,000 people or 42 in 1 million.

Given that most genetic diseases have a higher prevalence than magic (cystic fibrosis: 125 in 1 million, sickle cell anaemia 139 in 1 million), we must ask the question: why is magic so rare in humans?

In this series of essays I will explore the demographics of the wizarding world, magical diseases and medicine, war, uprisings, and the genetics of magical inheritance.

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Harry eye

Rufus Scrimgeour is on Voldemort's Side

I only recently discovered this community and I think it's great.

Yesterday I revised a theory I originally posted shortly after HBP. I invite you all to read.

I think Rufus Scrimgeour is allied with Lord Voldemort. I don't know if he's actually a Death Eater or just spying for Voldemort (perhaps even under duress) and controlling things in his favor (similar to how Shacklebolt controlled the search for Sirius Black). Whatever the case, I'm fairly certain Scrimgeour is teh evul!
Rufus Scrimgeour is teh Evul!

p.s. Is it better to just recopy the entire essay or do a link? (Sorry, but I'm new to this community.)

p.p.s. there are no tags for Rufus Scrimgeour or the Ministry of Magic? Does that make this the first essay on sneaky Scrimgeour? :D