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The Animal Paradox as represented in the Harry Potter series

The Animal Paradox as represented in the Harry Potter series
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Erica Fudge defines the Animal Paradox as the idea that in practically every instance of interaction between humans and animals, there is some form of a paradox. We view animals as both like, and not like us. We both love, and hate them. This essay explores how the Animal Paradox is represented within Harry Potter, with a particular focus on lycanthropy and animagi.

You can read my essay:
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Getting Away with Murder - Snape, Sirius and the Werewolf Incident


I understand this topic has been analysed repeated and extrapolated on. Nearly every conceivable conspiracy theory has been rolled out to explain why Sirius (and James) escaped any kind of justice for what is essentially attempted murder, except of course, the one theory that no-one was willing to write down: maybe nobody cared enough to do anything.

I explain:

  • Why wizards attitudes to child protection are different to muggles

  • Why it would be more surprising if James and Sirus had been called to account.

I'm ready to talk about the book

Remorse and transformation of character

Cross-posted from my own journal.

I've been mulling HP7 over some more, specifically about remorse. I told gina_r_snape I'd like to do an essay on the subject.

Before I could get started, however, I ran across this essay, about Snape's story arc in book 7. I really urge you to read it, it's excellent. And I'm going to riff on some of what she was saying in that essay in the remarks I have that follow, so read it first.

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The Werewolves, The Marauders and A Guest Appearance (Incorporating a Homorphus Charm Theory)

Here's a little cobbled together something on lycanthropy, the Marauders and with a special appearance by JKR :-). It's at my own blog too, but I share it here, as that's more for other general lunacy (no real pun intended) ;-). Once more there are no comments on the word count :-|

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Make of it all what you will :)

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Ok, I have a theory, it's not really a "new" theory , and i have a feeling that not many people will agree. But my theory is that the main characters (5 of them) from the WMPP era were in love with Lily.

James Potter
DUH.. she was his wife.

Remus Lupin
I think that Remus and Lily are very similar, even though Lily is popular, she is smart and logical. I think that Remus and her were probably friends long before James came along, and there would have been some romance, even if it was one sided on Remus's part. I think that the reason we saw none of this is that.
a. he didn't believe he deserved her. We see that with Tonks now, he doesn't think they are right for each other.
b. went James started to like her, well she was off-limits. Perhaps Remus started to like/love was after James, and Remus was loyal to his friends, and would have kept it to himself.

Peter Pettigrew
Lily is a strong, person a confident fighter. Peter admires these qualities, and I think he would have near-worshipped her. Peters reasons for liking Lily are easily, as she was popular and smart, and desired. Why would we have not seen this, well i think that Peter would have perhaps confront Lily with his Love for her, but she would had (of course) shot him down. I think they may have lead to his betrayed, when James and Lily are finally together

Sirius Black

The Last of the unfamous four. He probably like Lily for similiar reasons to James, him being a similiar character. But he is (was, past tense.. he's dead... cry) Loyal to  James. If he did have feelings for Lily romantically, then, he would have told James, he's best friend first, and James, being the leader would have come out on top. But.. i am not entirely sure that Sirius had romance feelings for Lily, but he did Love her. He is Harry's Godfather, and would have been great friends of bothe James and Lily, so I think his Love would be in a more Friendly way.

Serveus Snape
My favourite one. I think he did Love Lily, definatly. But first let me explain what I think Serveus was at Hogwarts. He was a Slytherin, and was attracted to Power. And he "click" (yes, i am a girl, i used click), was with people of power who became deatheaters. Snape went with the flow and also became one. Now Lily, Lily was strong and confindent, and I think that Serveus would have liked her because she was everything he couldn't be. She had a "power" of her own, and she didn't go with the flow, she was her own person. I think that Serveus wanted to be a person like that, but couldn't and I believe he carried a secret Love for her through his years at Hogwarts. I will used something I sometime used to decribe what I think of Hermione and Draco, If they had met and exist in another world, they would have been able to be friends, but in that world they could not have.

This is my theory, and many people will dismiss it, thinking it is far-fetched, and not supported at all by the books. But I believe the Popularity of Lily did attract these admires, and will influence the Plot. I at the moment did not include any references, but this is (in some distant way) based on the canon plot.

Word Ambiguity and Musings on R/S Ship in regards to that

I was thinking about this for awhile now, since I teach EFL in an elementary in Seoul. Most of my job consists of thinking about and explaining word meanings/associations and usages in both the US dialect and the UK/Canadian dialect. So this little bit of meta(?) in regards to a word and pairings possibly came about. It's all under the cut . Cheers.

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The Marauders as a Pack

When I first started writing about Remus Lupin, I did a bit of research into wolves to shed some light on what makes our favorite werewolf tick. I am not at all an expert on the subject, but wolves, like humans, are pack animals, and their psychology is not all that different from ours. So I offer this essay as an exploration of the dynamics among the Marauders. Please keep in mind that while I base my analysis on canon, it is only an interpretation. You may interpret the characters differently. However, I hope this essay will be interesting.

The Marauders as a Pack