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Neville, a Remembrall, bublle gum wrappers, Snape, and Bella: a theory

We are in the final hour for last minute crack pot theories to take shape.

Occulm's Razor has no place in literature in general and Harry Potter in particular. End of story.

JKR not only loves crack pot theories, she is a creator of them. And I don't mean just because she peppers her books with misbehaving sneakascopes and flying motorcycles. I'm saying because we have stories where pet rats end up being old school buddies. Hell, if I heard these plots before I read the books, I'd toss those theorists into St. Mungo's.

I think that JKR put Luna in there for us kindred spirits.

While I am eager to get in my last thoughts and theories, I have to say that I don't think Dealthy Hallows will be the end of speculation. There will be naysayers (those who will say that if it isn't in the books then it isn't there), but many of us plotters will still go on. You know why? Five hundred years later, we're still heatedly discussing whether or not Gertrude from Hamlet participated in the murder of her husband. Just because the story is finished and the author has said everything she has to say, doesn't mean that there isn't room for debate and suggestion.

This does not contain spoilers, I solemnly swear. [Unless, of course, I happen to be right, and not only does that not count, but it's also highly unlikely.] I am spoiler free. It is completely just speculation.

Neville Longbottom and the Hanging Plot Threads

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The Six-Gilled Shark and the Longbottoms or the Aubergine that Ate Rangoon

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Sooner than originally anticipated, and a little different from cover analysis ;)


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Evil Princess of Doom by Li

Squibs within the Wizarding World.

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The bullied boys: intent and context about victims of bullying in the HP world.

In the HP series, there are many instances of students being bullied - the purposes of which mostly fall into demonstrating the consequences of bullying or the pointlessness and toxicity of abusing those weaker than us. Though there are many characters in the series who have, at some point, been abused, ignored, neglected or assaulted by people in their peer group or those who have responsibility over them, I've chosen to focus on the two that seem to create the greatest contrast to me: Neville Longbottom and Severus Snape. My main argument will be that there are vast differences between their circumstances and the characters themselves, and thus it can be argued that JKR has written, with strong intent, that Neville as a victim of bullying deserves more sympathy and is far more respectable than Snape; in the context of the books, it is Neville who is shown in a far better light in regards to bullying than Snape is. Collapse )

Snape, Neville, Alice Longbottom and the Prophecy: A Speculative Essay

This is my first essay posted here. I've often wondered what is behind Snape's dislike of Neville Longbottom, but we've yet to be given an explanation in the books. So in this I've pieced together a few different clues, and I think they may form a possible explanation for Snape's attitude towards Neville.

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Trevor as a Symbolic Representation of Neville

I have already written about the Mimbulus mimbletonia as a symbolic representation of Neville; this time it’s Trevor’s turn. Though this has only just occurred to me, I already feel very strongly that it is wonderfully appropriate that Neville’s pet is a toad. More than any other character in the book, Neville undergoes a remarkable change over the years, and a toad is one of the ultimate symbols of transformation.
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Why did JKR give Neville a Mimbulus mimbletonia? It is highly unlikely that it is merely an insignificant bit of background color, or that it is a contrived plot device with no other purpose than to spray Harry with Stinksap. After all, JKR devotes a full page to its introduction, and refers to it again several times over the course of the book. Furthermore, Neville’s praise of its capabilities lends it an aura of intrigue; according to Neville, it can do “loads of stuff!” and yet so far we have only seen its defense mechanism. It is safe to say that there is a high probability that it will turn up again in a future book and play some meaningful role. I would go even further, however, and say that the Mimbulus mimbletonia is meant to be a symbolic representation of Neville himself.

Comments and opinions in general are very welcome. :)
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The Expansion of the Core Trio: Ginny, Neville, and (especially) Luna

This grew out of a post on HPfGU regarding the whys and wherefores of Luna. I expanded the essay; you can find part of it on the HP Lexicon. Love to know what you think.

Edit:I've rewritten the paragraph on Ginny somewhat; thanks for the input, readerravenclaw!

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