Pharnabazus (pharnabazus) wrote in hp_essays,

Expecto Patronus: or How the Wizarding World Really Works

Parts of Essay
  • Part 1- The wizarding world under the statute- patron and client in the state of emergency
  • Part 2- Power without a patronage network- Fudge and the Ministry of Magic
  • Part 3- At the top of the patronage tree- Dumbledore, Voldemort, Malfoy and Crouch
  • Part 4- Patronage and ideology- Percy Weasley's search for a patron
  • Part 5- Patronage trees and terrorist cells- how Voldemort's inner circle worked
  • Part 6- "You know my aim, to conquer death"- the purpose of Voldemort's patronage network
  • Part 7- Three ways of deserting one's patron- what happened when Voldemort's curse backfired
  • Part 8- The cost of maintaining a patronage network- is Lucius Malfoy really that rich-
  • Part 9- What happens in OotP- Harry becomes Patronus Potter
  • Part 10- The limits of power in a state of emergency- a brief survey of wizarding Britain
  • Appendix- Notes on the Wizengamot

    Notes: This has been divided up into sections for easier reading, but it's best viewed and understood as a whole.
  • Tags: wizarding world:general, wizarding world:politics, wizarding world:society

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