wellingtongoose (wellingtongoose) wrote in hp_essays,

Fantastic Beasts and Gruesome Disease

A discussion of

  • Purely magical diseases

  • Ways in which infections can jump from magical creatures to wizards

  • How the magical world controls the spread to muggles

  • Why the magical world doesn't use modern medical techniques

In the previous essay I discussed how diseases contributes to the high death rate in the wizarding world and how the magical world has a different approach to curing the diseases that are very familiar to muggles.

However the wizarding world doesn't just have to contend with mundane illness, there are myriads of magical creatures and beings in Harry Potter that muggles never see or come into contact with. These creatures/beings most likely harbour their own diseases which can jump species and infect wizards.

Dragonpox may actually come from dragons...
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