July 20th, 2019

The Lies and Crimes of Albus Dumbledore Pt 1

By request here is my examination of Albus Dumbledore and some of his actions and possible motivations thereof.

This essay is quite long so I have broken it up into multiple parts so please bear with me. Also, these are just my interpretations of events as portrayed in the books. They are just my opinions, I respect the fact that many absolutely adore Dumbledore. Also, I only classify the seven books as canon, nothing else. Now to the point of this whole thing.

The Lies and Crimes of Albus Dumbledore

In any crime you have to eliminate the distractions and distill things down to the unholy trinity; motive, means, and opportunity. In addition to these questions are who, what, where, when and why. Herein lie the details of the crime, oftentimes the two important questions that will lead to the person responsible for the crime are, who had the most to gain from the crime? Who had the most to lose if the crime had not been committed? Answer these questions and you will likely have found the guilty party.

There were many, many crimes committed in the Harry Potter story. Many of them by the so called “dark side.” But surprisingly a great many by the light side, and nearly all of them were committed by, or at the behest of one man, the recognized leader of the light Albus Dumbledore. In this essay I examine many of the events in canon with an eye toward spotting inconsistencies and illogical behavior.

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