June 5th, 2019

My Observations about some of the characters in Harry Potter

A collection of observations I have made about various characters in the HP universe over the years.

I started reading the books as an adult and at first, I thought it was an entertaining story. But let me tell you, my opinion of the Wizarding world as portrayed in the HP books is all kinds of messed up, and that's putting it politely.

Among some of the first people we meet in Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone are the Dursleys and you can tell from the get-go that these are people you are meant to dislike. We also get to meet one of our first honest-to-goodness wizards, Albus Dumbledore. He looks like a wizard, he's got this neat gizmo with the funny name. He's dressed eccentrically, he's got the long white beard and hair, the boots and the cloak. He must be wise and good, he looks wise and good. But as the scene progresses, and indeed as the series progresses, it makes one wonder.

But as for my list let me just work my way down it.


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