July 13th, 2015


Hogwarts: an Evolution

(Copyright - mellie-lyn)

Hogwarts did not appear fully form out of the founders’ shared vision; it evolved slowly over the centuries to the recognisable school in the Harry Potter books.

The modern version of Hogwarts is a post-industrial concept of education, where children are organised by age and progress in a linear fashion through distinct phases of learning. It is nothing like what the founders would have set up over 1000 years ago.

I have previously explained that the concept of school, as we understand it, simply did not exist during the founders’ time (Hogwarts: a Founding). The only form of instruction that existed for common people in dark ages was apprenticeships. The founders must have taken dozens of personal apprentices to be instructed in their own unique trades.

In essence what the founders set up were four individual apprenticeship schemes which were independent of each other but happened to inhabit the same area – most likely a fortified town call Hogwarts which had existed on this site for millennia (Hogwarts: a Founding)

However the four individual “schools” did eventually unite into one.

I explain:

  • What prompted the four different apprenticeship schemes to unite into one

  • What happened after Slytherin left

  • The original role of the sorting hat

  • How Hogwarts evolved into the modern school seen in the books