November 23rd, 2007

Death in Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Death – Its Denial and Ultimate Acceptance



So much of the Harry Potter epic revolves around death.  The saga has it’s origin in the death of Harry’s parents, in their attempt to save his life, and in his being “the boy who lived”, when an unforgivable AK death curse did not work on him.  And there began the story of a world that contained a myriad of ways to avoid death, “reverse” death, interact with the dead, to live after death and, ultimately, to accept death.

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The HP Films: A Trilogy in 7 parts.

As Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows begrudgingly fades in the history of literature, what we have left in looking forward to something related to the direct HP lore is the films. It's been an interesting ride and while speculation continues as to what the future holds for the films; more than enough discussion has been made comparing HP with the LOTR trilogy. One shouldn't be quick to put HP in trilogy status for because it's marking the beginning of the end for the HP films as the final 3 adult Harry Potter films.  OoTP seems to be the most widely wild card of the films which brought back some accuricianados' seats to the theaters and putting some remnants of hope in the series isn't a total goose-egg while having less of a divided opinion like PoA.. While the HP series could be divided up as Pre-GoF and Post-GoF in terms of how the structure and overall storyline is, there is more weight in the idea of the HP film series being a trilogy.

The interesting idea about the HP Films being a trilogy told in 7 installments is that this is a first where the film-making process and history probably has more of a bearing on making the HP series as a trilogy than the actual story itself. From my perspective and it might hold true, the series could be divided up in trilogy sections like this:

Part 1: The Columbus Era of PS and CoS.
Part 2: The Transition/Teenage Era of PoA and GoF.
Part 3: The Final Era of OoTP, HBP and DH.

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