August 12th, 2005

Thoughtful Anton

Ginny Weasley and the Madonna/Whore Syndrome

I posted this on my LJ yesterday--Ginny's birthday--and it occurred to me that I should post it here as well.

I want to say up front that this isn't a shipping rant, nor is it a you-must-love-Ginny-or-else screed. I think the passion that JKR's works evokes and the debate that ensues are wonderful.

No, I'm concerned by a very specific undercurrent in the reaction of certain parts of the fandom to Ginny's portrayal in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; that's what I wanted to discuss.

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  • safakus


Maybe it's just me, but the way it seems, there is a rise in the amount of essays againt one third of the Trio, and i guess it falls to me to point out a few things. It's weird when people who rush to Dear Percy's defence and blame Arthur for his betrayal and when Hermione shows the same qualities (minus the betrayal, i might add), she is suddenly a vindictive, manipulative witch (pun intended), and the most popular being, a potential murderer. So let's start there.

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